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 Concert Band 

Grade 3-3.5

The Age of Chivalry - Grade 3
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This march was composed to reflect the bravery, nobility, and honour of the knights of the medieval times. The piece is meant to be strong from start to finish, with some short contrasting sections to allow the band to demonstrate its capabilities.

The Centennial March - Grade 3
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This march was commissioned by the Burlington Concert Band to mark the 100th anniversary of the band's existence in Burlington, Canada. Written in a traditional style with a bit of a twist, The Centennial is surely a piece to be enjoyed by both the performers and the audience. The melodies are simple, singable, and memorable. There is a powerful transitional section between the main melody and contrasting trio. Finally, it includes an introduction and interlude that is similar to that of a fanfare. It's the march of a century!

Dynasty - Grade 3
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Dynasty is a bold and exciting symphonic march. Contrasting themes, powerful low brass lines and driving percussion keep the energy up throughout this piece. Lightly articulated passages contrast the big, brassy sound making this fun to play and to listen to.

Illuminations - Grade 3
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Illuminations is a dramatic and rhythmically exciting overture for band. It is set in three contrasting sections: Ablaze, Glistening and The Radiance. Each with its own character and style. Brilliant fanfares, memorable themes and fun energetic rhythms make this work perfect for concert or contest use.

Into the Hills - Grade 3
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Set in a rollicking 6/8, this is a great piece to work on triple metre, changing articulations, dynamic contrast and many other elements. Very playable by a young band, the musical elements and teachable moments will not only be a good learning experience for the musicians but fun too!

Kaalin's Flight - Grade 3
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This piece was influenced by the music of the Middle East and India. Kaalin is the Hindi word for rug, much like the one ridden by Aladdin in the famous story. This piece can even be considered a programmatic piece, as if someone were riding a magic carpet through the Arabic or Indian communities.

Kingsmere Overture - Grade 3
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Kingsmere Overture is an exciting and rhythmic piece by talented composer Ryan Meeboer. This work is divided into 3 main sections depicting the development of a career as a music educator: The Establishment, The Departure and The Triumph. Each section has its own character and style featuring different soloists or sections of the band. This is a great contest piece to showcase all that the band can do.

Pride and Tradition - Grade 3
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The Burlington Teen Tour Band, described as Canada’s Musical Ambassadors, is a marching band which has performed all over the world. Recently the band celebrated its 75th anniversary and this piece was composed to celebrate the benchmark achievement. Set in three contrasting sections, this makes an ideal concert or contest selection. In the lyrical middle section there is a lush brass section moment and solos in flute and alto saxophone. Driving rhythms and memorable melodies gives all players exciting parts throughout.

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