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Sax Quartet

Mission: Secret - Easy
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Mission:Secret is a classic spy tune written using a 12-bar blues form. It mostly comprises of a catchy bass line riff with a simple, sustained melody over top. Although short solos are written for alto and tenor from measures 57 through 70, these may also be improvised using an C concert blues scale (C Eb F F# G Bb). Super Spy!

Mr. Cool - Easy
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Mr. Cool is the perfect chart for directors to use when introducing jazz music to a beginning sax quartet. It is a modal straight riff tune that uses only one chord throughout. It is the perfect opportunity to focus on teaching the swing style, jazz articulations, and some opportunities to introduce improvisation to students who have little to no experience playing jazz.

El Camino - Easy-Medium
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El Camino (The Road) is a Spanish march composed in the traditional style of a pasodoble. This piece is fast paced and energetic from start to finish and sounds more complicated than it seems! This is something a little different in the march category that will have audiences tapping their toes.

Last Voyage of the Queen Anne's Revenge - Easy-Medium
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The Queen Anne's Revenge was the final ship sailed by Edward Thatch, also known as the pirate, Blackbeard. To give the "pirate-like" feeling to the music, it has been composed in 6/8 time, as have many pieces about pirates. This is an arrangement of the best selling work for young concert band.

Rise of the Anceints - Easy-Medium
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Ancient civilizations represent many things about life as we know it today: power, beauty, intelligence and ambition. This piece reflects all of these qualities, from the driving force of the ancient armies, to the elegance of ancient architecture.

Sleepwalk - Easy-Medium
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Sleepwalk is a jump swing chart following the tradition of Sing, Sing, Sing. Repetitive riffs are played by all instruments throughout that are guaranteed to get the performers and listeners excited about this chart.

You Must Know - Easy-Medium
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You Must Know opens with a fun mixture of syncopated rhythms and the power of a rock chart that will grab anyone's attention. This latin tune is meant to be played with lots of energy using an upbeat tempo to keep the excitement going throughout. The i-V7 chord changes are simple enough for performers to either play the written solos or improvise their own.

Front of the Train - Medium
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There's nothing like a good Latin tune for starting a conga line and there's nothing like being at the front of that line. That's what Front of the Train is all about: a simple melody and a catchy beat that anyone can easily dance to. 

Just Chillin' - Medium
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Just Chillin' is a fun, laid back funk-rock chart with simple repetitive melodies and a catchy accompaniment.

Rough Copy - Medium
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This is an original funk tune primarily made up of catchy riffs and licks. Although it is composed in cut time to create a laid back, funk feel, the eighth notes are to be swung. As most of the tune makes use of call and response, all parts should be balanced throughout. Also, solos have been written in, however, chord changes are provided for soloist to have an opportunity to improvise. Optional drum kit part included.

Something Modal - Medium
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Something Modal is a laid back jump swing chart. The melodies and backgrounds are very simple, yet very catchy. Chord changes are simple enough to open up opportunities for players to practice and show off their improvising abilities.

Turmoil - Medium
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This piece reflects the title accurately: chaotic, extreme contrasts and loud. Although it presents several challenges, it is a piece designed to capture the interest of both young musicians and listeners. Fiery rhythmic drive and memorable melodies will make this a successful choice on a concert or contest.

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