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I am a Canadian composer and music educator and this site features various works of mine. Whether you are a music educator, a professional musician or student, please check out my pieces for concert band, jazz band, and small ensembles.


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I hope you enjoy my music.


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Flexible Band Series

The following titles are available in FLEXIBLE BAND versions for use in classrooms with non-traditional instrumentation.  Piece can be played with as little as five instruments up to a full band, including percussion.

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Grade 0.5

The Siege

Sneaking on the Housetops

Grade 1.5

Rise of the Ancients

Western Fair

El Camino (Spanish March)

Last Voyage of the Queen Anne's Revenge

Through the Eye of the Storm

Grade 2

Glen and Galley



Tides of Fate


Something Modal

Featured Pieces

Motitus - Grade 0.5
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Motitus is Finnish military slang describing the tactic of totally encircling an enemy unit, in effect, an entrapment. This piece is composed to create the musical depiction of an army trapping its enemy in this circle. Using the first seven notes learned in most method books, this piece is great to use with a beginning musicians, or to further develop the musicality of developing musicians.

Blessed - Grade 1.5
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Blessed is a beautiful lyrical piece that uses a chorale style accompaniment to allow the focus to be solely on the melody.  Written in ABA form, the song’s simple stylistic features allow the ensemble to spend more time concentrating on learning the fundamentals of performing lyrical music: breath support, long smooth phrases, ensemble balance, and clear tone production.

New Band Pieces from 2020

The Mystery of Ogopogo - Grade 0.5
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Commemoration - Grade 0.5
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The Haunting of Keg Mansion - Grade 1
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Utopia - Grade 1.5
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The Gods of Egypt - Grade 1.5
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Another Mission: Secret - Grade 1.5
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Scotland's Loch Ness may have the fame as far as lake monsters go but, for many monster searchers, Ogopogo — a creature said to lurk in Canada's Lake Okanagan (in British Columbia) — is most likely the best documented of all lake monsters. The Mystery of Ogopogo is a musical representation of the Ogopogo creature and features the low brass and wind instruments and is a great opportunity for students to learn and practice the different articulations and dynamics.

Commemoration is a simple piece that can be used to teach students different articulations, dynamics, rhythmic styles, and balance. Following the fanfare-like introduction, the piece is composed using AABA form, where each instrument section is given the opportunity to perform melodic material.

The Haunting of Keg Mansion opens by setting up the chilling sensation of a haunted mansion: dark harmonies and powerful dynamics. The main melody is quick and fidgety, much like that of a mischievous presence. The haunting setting continues with the striking chords in the middle contrasting section of the piece.

Utopia is a musical reflection of the bustling life of a big city. It opens using fanfare-like chords, to represent the perfection of this wonderful place. Melody is found in many sections of the band giving opportunity for all the instruments to shine.

Gods of Egypt is a piece composed with the flare of music of the Middle East. A strong opening using a traditional Middle Eastern scale and counter melody immediately create the feel for this piece. The introduction should be played with strength, but also controlled to leave a good first impression on the listener.

Another Mission: Secret is a long awaited sequel to the popular Mission: Secret.  Much like the original, it is a classic spy tune that is written using a 12-bar blues form.  It’s made up of a catchy bass line with a simple sustained melody over top.  The opening, which is suspenseful and energetic, moves into the main riff, setting up the driving feel of the piece. SUPER SPY!