Welcome to my website

I am a Canadian composer and music educator and this site features various works of mine. Whether you are a music educator, a professional musician or student, please check out my pieces for concert band, jazz band, and small ensembles.


For information on where to purchase a piece, follow the link to the publisher's website or contact me.


I hope you enjoy my music.

Featured Pieces

The Intrepid - Grade 0.5
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The Intrepid is a piece that is aggressive in nature, designed to depict someone that is brave, therefore a majority of the music is to be played bold and crisp. Strong rhythmic unisons, fun parts for all and even some clapping make this a hit with students and audiences.

Western Fair - Grade 1.5
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Western Fair is an energetic, uplifting piece that can be fun for both players to perform and listeners to hear. It is composed using two main melodies that are performed in many forms, combined in various fragments and supported with different harmonic backgrounds, giving it new life each time it is heard. The piece slowly builds from a simple clarinet soli into an epic, cut-time feel in the middle before driving to an exciting ending.

Reverie - Grade 1.5
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Reverie is a lyrical piece reflecting someone in a dream-like state. It is a peaceful song using repetitive melodic figures, lush harmonies and simple rhythms. The alto saxophone gets a brief solo but the remainder of the piece is the full band playing the lush harmonies in various groupings. This is an excellent contrasting piece on a program or contest.