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 Jazz Band 


Friday Night Swing - Easy
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This jump swing chart (a la Sing, Sing Sing) came into existence when a young drummer was being helped to learn the different swing beats often used in jazz music, many of which are used throughout this song. There are written out solos included for Tenor Sax and Trombone.

Front of the Train - Easy
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There's nothing like a good Latin tune for starting a conga line and there's nothing like being at the front of that line. That's what Front of the Train is all about: a simple melody and a catchy beat that anyone can easily dance to.

Mambo on the Housetop - Easy
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After a short introduction, Mambo on the Housetop kicks into a catchy, latin flavoured version of this children’s favourite Christmas carol. There is a written out solo included for Trumpet.

Mission: Secret - Easy
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Mission: Secret is a classic spy tune written using a 12-bar blues form. It mostly comprises of a catchy bass line riff with a simple, sustained melody over top. Those instruments playing the riff (tenors, baritone sax, trombones, and rhythm section) are to remain consistent throughout the entire piece, as they create the energetic drive for the song.

Mr Cool - Easy
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The Rock of Ages - Easy
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Mr. Cool is the perfect chart for directors to use when starting a jazz band for the first time. It is a modal straight riff tune that uses only one chord throughout. It is the perfect opportunity to focus on teaching the swing style, jazz articulations, and some opportunities to introduce improvisation to students who have little to no experience playing jazz.

Maoz Tzur (Rock of Ages) is a traditional Hanukkah song that celebrates the Maccabees’ fight for freedom.  This arrangement is composed in the style of a bossa nova and is a nice light alternative to include in a holiday set.

Rough Copy - Easy
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Rough Copy is an original funk tune primarily made up of catchy riffs and licks.  Although it is composed in cut time to create a laid back, funk feel, the eighth notes are to be swung. This helps keep the chart nice and light.

Silent Night, Rocking Night - Easy
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This version of Silent Night is arranged in 4/4 (as opposed to the original triple metre), to create the feel of a rock ballad. This is a great twist on a holiday classic.

Sleepwalk - Easy
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Sleepwalk is a jump swing chart following the tradition of Sing, Sing, Sing.  Repetitive riffs are played by all instruments throughout that are guaranteed to get the performers and listeners excited about this chart.

Something Modal - Easy
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Something Modal is a laid back jump swing chart. The melodies and backgrounds are very simple, yet very catchy. Every section gets an opportunity to play something interesting and fun, but also contribute to the overall feel of the piece. Chord changes are easy enough to open up opportunities for players to practice and show off their improvising abilities.

'Tis the Season to Get Funky - Easy
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‘Tis the Season to Get Funky (Deck the Hall) is a slower, laid back version of the popular Christmas song. This is a clever and creative treatment of a holiday favourite.

Vida del Sol - Easy
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You Are the One - Easy
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Vida del Sol (Life of the Sun) is a straight ahead Latin chart with a catchy groove and interesting parts for all players.  With lots of opportunity to work on both technical and jazz skills, young musicians will find this chart both fun and challenging to play. There are written out solos included for Trumpet, Tenor Sax and Trombone.

Featuring a relaxed Latin style, this chart is scored to have fun parts for every section.  The main melody is based on a four note riff that you could literally sing the words ‘You are the one’ to every time you hear it. There are written out solos included for Trumpet and Trombone.

You Must Know - Easy
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You Must Know opens with a fun mixture of syncopated rhythms and the power of a rock chart that will grab anyone's attention.  This samba tune is meant to be played with lots of energy using an upbeat tempo to keep the excitement going throughout.

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