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Music Education

Composing Concepts for Beginners

This a a series of videos to help students and teachers understand the basic concepts behind composing.  Follow the composer by either playing your instrument or using music notation software to create your own simple pieces following the basic steps outlined in the videos.

Students will not only learn how to compose, but also learn the meaning behind some of the terminology used in music composition.


Worksheets are available for download as needed.

Video #1: Phrasing

Video #2: AA Form

Video #3: AAAB Form

Video #3.5 - The Motif

Link to Google Drive Folder referenced in video



Bandology is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to more music for more kids via education, collaboration and community and founded by parents who have witnessed the long-term benefits of music education.  This summer, Ryan will be attending this summer camp as a guest conductor for one of the band workshops.  For more information, visit the organization's website: Bandology.

Summer Music Camp in Port Elgin

This summer, Ryan will be attending the Summer Music Camp held in Port Elgin, Ontario as the director of the intermediate band clinics.  For more information, visit the camp's website: Summer Music.

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