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 Jazz Band 


Baby - Easy-Medium
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Baby is a ballad that uses a light, shuffle feel that features a band's lead alto sax player.  Written using the standard AABA form, the chart also highlights the trumpet section in the introduction, bridge, and coda sections.

Big V - Easy-Medium
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This chart is dedicated to one of the composer's colleagues, Brian Vincent. This piece reflects his personality as it is a high energy, consistent, and catchy rock tune.

Down and Out - Easy-Medium
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Down and Out is a mellow, laid back blues chart. It uses the traditional 12 bar blues changes and the standard AAB form for the melody. After a strong opening, the piece moves into the main melody, by introducing it using the style of Miles Davis' So What. Once the head has been set, the chart then begins to build towards the solo section, through the use of a shout chorus and some stop time figures.

Oh So Fine - Easy-Medium
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Oh So Fine is a light, feel-good funk chart. Written in the classic style, it features an opening by the bass player. Then the rest of the rhythm section enters to help generate the groove of this chart.

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